See. Hear. Believe.

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See. Hear. Believe.

Be Transformed

Get that same camp excitement – and mountaintop experience – in a two day weekend!

We all know the heart change that students have at camp but it only comes around once a year – that’s why it’s so important to get it in and make it count! Kingdom Youth Conference is a youth event that combines powerful worship, dynamic teachings, and YOUR students blessing others in their community! We bring today’s youth something that will not only teach them how to be Kingdom minded, but enable them to go out and live it. We have top-notch entertainment and promise a life-changing experience that will last in the hearts of your youth forever.

“For the
of God
is not
in word,
but in
1 Cor 4:20


The Speakers at the Kingdom Conference come from various backgrounds. They are relevant, entertaining and truly have the anointing of God in their lives! The youth will be challenged in many great ways. Our heart is to also focus on our incredible leaders. We want to stand together and pour into them as much as we can in 2 days.


Kingdom Youth Conference has partnered with not only top quality artists, but people that understand what it means to worship. It’s not about playing a song and everyone singing together – worship is spending time with your Creator and letting Him know you love Him. Our goal is to not only lead students in worship but to also teach them to worship. We want worship to not just come through in the music of our youth but in their very lives.

“Kingdom Youth Conference is the greatest student conference out there because it connects our teens to Jesus and then empowers them to tell others about Jesus. This 2-day event is a missions trip, high energy concert and solid training for students and student leaders with an unforgettable movement all rolled up together! Momentum will kickstart real spiritual direction to your church and teens and give you the tools to keep it going!.”

Bruce Moore – Christ Fellowship – Tampa FL


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